Road Rules

Welcome New Riders!

Road Rules

So you want to rider a scooter but never have and don't know where to start.

Vespa Marietta is here to help you learn what you need to learn.

Once you get the proper training and saftey gear, we hope you'll join us on some group rides!

Getting Your Georgia M Class Motorcycle License

Scooters over 50cc require a Class M license.

Getting trained and licensed to ride is not as difficult (or as scary) as you might think. In Georgia there are just two things you need to do.

Step 1.

The Written Test (Getting Your Learners Permit)

The first step in becoming licensed is to get your learners permit so you can ride and practice. This is done by passing the written part of the M1 test.

DDS-Safety program

Download the GA DMV Motorcycle Handbook and start studying. It is a more thorough exam than the regular drivers test, so really do study.

When you pass the written test you will be issued your Learners Permit. This allows you to ride with the following three limitations: 1) no passengers, 2) no highways, and 3) no riding at night.
Yeah, you're legal!! But only for 6 months so you're not done yet.

Step 2.

The Riding Test

Eventually you will want to take the riding part of the test and get those limitations removed. The exam consists of a number of specific riding maneuvers all of which must be executed perfectly. No putting your foot down!

Mopeds (Less than 50cc Scooters)

A moped is defined as any motor driven cycle with an engine not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters (3.05 cubic inches). Mopeds are exempt from registration and licensing. Must be 15 years of age with valid driver’s license, instructional permit or limited permit. Must wear motorcycle helmet. No tag is required.

Every person operating a moped upon a roadway must obey the same traffic laws as drivers of motor vehicles. May not use limited access highways or other roadways where the minimum speed limit is above 35 mph.

Motorcycle Safety Program

If you find all this examination stuff to be a little intimidating, you can relax. You don't have to take the riding test. There is a much better and ultimately, in our opinion, a much safer alternative…

Motorcycle Safety Program

Completion of the Basic Course requires you to pass a written test and an on-cycle skills test. This is the safest way to obtain your class M license. Take the three day class and receive a 90 day waiver. Take this to the DDS and you are now street legal! Congratulations.

At State Facilities, you must provide your own scooter or learn on a motorcycle. Visit the GA DDS website for information on using your own scooter at a State Facility. Some rules and restrictions apply. At public facilities, call to ensure they have a scooter available for you to use.

MSF - State Operated Facilities
North Metro Technical Institute

5198 Ross Road (Tech Building 200, Room 211)
Acworth,GA 30102

MSF - State Approved Public Facilities

Earl Small’s Harley-Davidson
993 South Cobb Drive, Marietta,GA 30060-3300
(770) 919-1703

MSF Campus #1
1450 Morrison Parkway, Alpharetta,GA 30004-2143
(770) 442-2043

SunShine’s Safety School, Inc
1605 Lakes Parkway, Lawrenceville,GA 30043

Two Wheel Adventures Lakewood Amphitheater
2002 Lakewood Way, Atlanta,GA 30315
(678) 869-5909